The Creative Calling 

I’m Emma, a design powerhouse spurred
on by a deep calling to create.

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When I sit with you at the table of branding, strategy, web design, print, packaging, you name it, what I want to hear is what drives you and why!

I’m here to guide you through a clean, clear and stress-free process that will visually pull your brand forward.

I’ll help sculpt the visual features of your brand, push you past the typical creative cliches, and run us into curious, interesting territory for your work to own.

A purposeful territory designed by your dreams.


About M Line Studio Founder, Emma Johnson

I was that kid constantly drawing, painting, gluing, creating all sorts of fantastical ideas with my own hands. Eventually someone introduced me to graphic design, and all of these creative thoughts finally had a vessel to be poured into, a new medium with endless possibilities.

My horizon was set.

I graduated Uni with a Bachelors of Design, making valuable pit stops in ad agencies, design studios and corporate companies before breaking ground on my own studio.

Yep. My own studio.

The thing is, that pull, that deep, gut calling I’ve always felt to create magnetic, colourful stories for the world now meant something about the story I was living. It meant intentionally crafting my own life to be just as beautiful, to feel the edges of risk under my feet and throwing myself off into the unknowns so that I could help others do the same.

What drives me is my passion to help other creative entrepreneurs step out into the unknown and create a brand that turns heads and allows them to chase their purpose.

So welcome to M Line Studio.

I’m so glad we’re here.


Take a seat. You’ve found the right place.