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Help Run Your Biz

Squarespace — My all-time favorite platform to build websites.

Shopify — Great for e-commerce businesses.

AsanA / Free — Great for managing tasks, client communication, assigning deadlines to team members.

Basecamp — Awesome for large teams with multiple creative projects.

Toggl / Free — Tracking the time of all your projects/tasks is so important to know how long things take and where your time is going.

Calendly / Free — If you need an easy way to schedule appointments then I highly recommend Calendly!

Planoly / Free — An awesome app that helps you organize your Instagram posts to make sure everything is looking good!

LOOM / FREE — If you need to make a quick video or send your client a screenshare tutorial fast! This app will change your life.

Legal & Financial

Wave Accounting / FREE Plus, it has an awesome app
for you to take pictures of your receipts. 

Stripe / FREE This one is great if you want to charge USD,
but your business bank account contains a different currency.

QuickBooks This does have a monthly fee, but if you have an
accountant who specializes in QuickBooks this will make your business finances a BREEZE!

FreshBooks This does have a monthly fee, but it’s totally worth it.

Contract Shop Need a contract for a new project or contractor! Explore all the contracts and buy yours here.


Enjoy This Free Guide!

This FREE guide, Start Your Dream Business Today, is jam-packed with goodies on how to have a clear vision for your brand and know your why. Also, how to land on your business name, quick tips to set-up your business finances and a check-list of everything you’ll need to launch your biz all from the comfort of your bed!

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My Go-To Biz Podcasts

If you need some serious encouragement to chase after your business dreams, then I highly recommend you diving into these killer podcasts below.

I wrote a blog post all about these amazing podcast!